Why Cooper Welding Cobots?

We designed the Cooper™ welding cobots to complement the skills of human welders. Cooper welding cobots help improve weld productivity, quality, and repeatability in a collaborative way. We developed the Cooper App for easy-to-use programming. The Power Wave R450 robotic welding platform runs the systems with industry-leading performance. Cooper welding cobots are for those who value flexibility, workplace safety, and cost-efficiency.

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Cooper Cobots Help Diamond Doors Inc. Bring Back Manufacturing to North America

See how Cooper cobot innovation addresses offshoring concerns, improves efficiency for skilled welders, and increases welding output.

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Key Features


Meet the Cooper Welding Cobot Series

Game-changing, affordable collaborative welding robots designed for safe, direct human interaction.



Cobots Address Hiring Challenges

Learn how welding cobots can help address hiring and labor challenges by working side-by-side with your current welding operators.

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Cooper Cobot Resources

Welding Cobot Articles, Videos, Training Material and more!

Collaborative Welding Solution


Lincoln Electric Collaborative Welding Solution

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Unboxing the Lincoln Electric Cobot



Calibrating Your Cobot



Using the Smart Programming Feature

Cobot Customer Toolbox

Product Registration

Register your new Cooper™ welding cobot.

Cooper™ Cobot FAQs

Cooper™ Welding Cobot questions answered.

Cobot Software

Download the latest software to keep your cobot up-to-date.

Power Wave®

A robust power source to drive productivity.

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